ERP Solutions

To get our company to work effectively, we need to start by our internal organization. Be able to identify our business management weak points, which ones can be improved, and which ones must be enhanced

All this is impossible to get if we are not able to obtain a real and clear picture or our business situation in real time

Simply Smart works with Openbravo ERP. This solution allows to our customers, from different industries, to improve their business performance, getting a higher productivity and business quickness. Always with the right investment.


  • Easy: Web-based UI is intuitive and discoverable, with role-based Workspace providing an ideal starting point for new users to leverage the ERP
  • Powerful: multi-tab application design and state of the art grid work together to satisfy the most demanding power users
  • Integrated: fully integrated data model with efficient process flows facilitate collaboration and streamline end-to-end operations, providing visibility and enabling more productive use of all types of resources
  • Cost-effective: transparent “pay as you go” subscription model avoids capital expense--with no hidden fees or haggling over price!
  • 100% Web-based: ensures easy roll out to new users & sites, with access from mobile devices--with cloud deployment option to minimize complexity and capital expense



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