Cloud eInvoicing

Simply Smart starts First Invoice Management platform 100% Web and built on Cloud Computing Systems. It will help you to digitalize and store your Account Receivable Invoices from your providers, and also send eInvoices to your customers. 

 "Easy, Quick and with not extra investments needed"

Just need your favourite web browser and a scanner to work with it. Centralize the management of your account receivable invoices, by alowing your users or offices to digitalize the documents throw this web platform. SMVeritas has been designed to extract the main information of the invoice automatically, so you can use it in your accounting systems, no more manual data entry anymore.

Use as a platform to send your invoices and forget about working with envelops and stamps again. Give a professional look to your company, reducing costs at the same time!!

Save space, quick document acces and management, reduce costs, improve your departments performance. Start working from the moment you get registered!

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