BI Solutions

Having the best information possible, in real time, to help us to take decisions about which way to choose, or how we can reorient our business model, it is basic to obtain the best from our resources.

"It is always good to be well advised, and there is not better advise that knowing the real data our company shows."

This is why our customers work with Business Intelligence systems, to obtain a quick and right picture of  the actual situation of their business and performance, to solve their doubts and find the reasons about a specific business situation...

We need to be ready for problems that can cause a decrease in our performance or profit, and to do so we need to work with solutions which will allow us to work dynamically with our company data

With our B.I. Solutions you will be able to:

  • Build DataWharehouse systems for a better and quicker answer and analysis
  • Extract and Load information between systems with ETL tools
  • Run manually or periodically Business Reports.
  • Complete your intranet with Dashboards to get a quick first picture of the situation

At Simply Smart we develop this kind of solutions with the following tools:




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