What is "CRM"?

Do we really visit more or provide a better treatment and service to our best customers? or you realize that  we spend the same time serving customers no matter the level of profits they generate to us.

"To answer this question first we need to identify which of our customers are our "Best Customers"."

Are our best customers good customers just because the profit they provide us, or shall we also have in mind their business potential with us?. Which ways or methods can our company use to obtain a better business relationship with our actual customers? or, which methods can we use to transform a bad customer in a good one?

These are key questions we need to answer to increase the performance of our Sales Departments, and finally improve the benefits of our Company. However, to be able to obtain answers for these questions we need to have "Real Time Information "

At Simply Smart we are experts on Planning and Designing CRM Solutions, which principal purpose is obtaining all kind of information related to your customers, and how to apply this information in your Business Campaigns. You need to better identify your market segments and be able to apply different Marketing Actions depending on the segment you are focussing on.

Simply Smart can offer you a wide range of solutions that will increase the results of your sales methods. You can rely in our experience in CRM projects in Asia - Europe - America .


We must use a CRM methodology to be able to offer a better care to our customers, to optimize our sales force work, to gather as much information as possible about them, so we can create subsets regarding their common interests, habits... This way we can assign the right sales effort to each of them.

CRM in your sales department?...   It is possible!

We can build your CRM implementation with systems that go from  Oracle - Siebel or OpenSource systems like SugarCRM. There is always a right IT solution for each company. Also you can contact us if your are interested in our CRM SaaS & Cloud Service.





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